Research - Week #1 How Do We Get There?

Everything moves. 
Everything develops and progresses. 
Everything rebounds and resonates. 
From one point to another, the line is never straight. 
From harbour to harbour, a journey. 
Everything moves... as do I!
Joy and sorrow, confrontation too. 
A vague point appears, hazy and confused, 
A point of convergence, 
The temptation of a fixed point, 
In the calm of all the passions. 
Point of departure and point of destination, 
In what has neither beginning or end. 
Naming it, endowing it with life, giving it authority
For a better understanding of what movement is. 

- Jaques Lecoq


On a journey

We meet at LAMDA. Some have been here before. There are a few new faces. Francis leads a roll call. We're all here. 


Map making

We map our foundations. Our destination unknown. We'll discover along the way. Here we have fun!


Off we go


We find ways of working together. Two by two. How do we travel? How do we connect? How do we inhabit the space?


Tea break

We stop for tea. Boost our energy. Faisal tells jokes. Everyone laughs. 


We draw 

In pairs we draw our movements. Some interpretive smudges some more like IKEA assembly instructions.


We translate

We translate the drawings back into movement. Pizza making, twist and jives and sun salutations. 


We reflect

We tie reflections to our grow tree. How do we feel? We took pictures and tied knots. We shake it like a polaroid picture.

Francis and Paul translating image into movement

My name is Nathalie Carrington, this is my reflective diary following my research on how a two-way creative exchange between performers with learning disabilities and drama school graduates can impact theatre as a training and communal activity. This research is being done in partnership with LAMDA, University of Brighton and BCH to further understand the benefits of inclusion of learning disabled artists within professional actor training.


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