About us

This New Ground began as a community choir for people with learning disabilities in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and has since snowballed into something much bigger. Through our exchange projects, we aim to raise the bar for what communities like ours can achieve and create vital, relevant new artworks for audiences to engage with. Through research and public engagement, we take this work into diverse contexts to cover new ground and deepen our understanding of what is possible.

Our Collective of learning disabled and non-disabled artists is the driving force behind everything we do.

This New Ground is the Associate Community Company at Bush Theatre 2018 - 2019.


Collective Statement

We're a collective.
We are people from different walks of life who perform and make things. We respect each other and collaborate together.

People come and go. We like coming here. It's a family.
We like to sing. A bit. We're not quiet, are we?
Stand By Me is our song. It's what we do.
Yeah, that's fine.

It’s about the ups and downs.
The difficult stuff and the stuff that gives hope.
We're not CBeebies. That's not us.
We're here. We celebrate.


This New Ground is led by Artistic Director, Nathalie Carrington, in collaboration with our Collective, Advisory Group and Artistic Associates. 

Our Advisory Group has been selected to ensure that This New Ground’s projects are delivered to a high standard and to contribute to the planning of future activities and the direction of our initiative. They represent key industries, areas of interest and ensure that learning disability culture is at the heart of what we do.

Labake Anisere Songwriter & Disability Advocate / Ritchie Boakye DJ & Disability Advocate Martin Doyle Performer & Disability Advocate / Rahini Mylvaganam Financial Advisor / Joe Robins Project Manager at Bishop Creighton House / Jamie Russell Design & Communications Consultant / Faisal Yusuf Performer & Disability Advocate