Research - Week #4 Let's Go On An Adventure!


Lights, Camera, Improvise!

We told a collective story. One sentence at a time. A story about Adam, a man who walked into a bar, he was very thirsty, flirted with all the girls and woke up in a room FULL of handbags. 

Together we made a cheese pickle, lettuce, sliced egg, mayonnaise and tomato sandwich and a chocolate making machine.

We made up our very own language. Francis did't understand a word of it but he enjoyed flicking through the channels. A kidnapping scene from a James Bond film. The drama on Albert Square. An outdated music video, in gibberish, scored by Robbie on the piano. 

Catherine hosts a party and, one by one, her invites arrive. A brusque welcome and £12 pints. The party is over before it even begins!

Each actor is given a character trait. They meet each other for the first time. Can we guess what it is? Faisal plays an introvert and Sophie's character oozes sarcasm. 

Watch Paul and Catherine's in the moment exchange and have a guess what character traits they are playing.

My name is Nathalie Carrington, this is my reflective diary following my research on how a two-way creative exchange between performers with learning disabilities and drama school graduates can impact theatre as a training and communal activity. This research is being done in partnership with LAMDA, University of Brighton and BCH to further understand the benefits of inclusion of learning disabled artists within professional actor training.

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