Week #11 - A Well Trodden Path

Nathalie and Catherine both live in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Nathalie studied at LAMDA, across the road from Catherine who studied at the West London College. 

Nathalie has been living in the borough for over ten years and Catherine for her whole life.

They know it like the backs of their hands. 

This week we went on a tour of Catherine's neighbourhood with Katrina, Catherine's niece.

Whilst we journeyed on this well trodden path we shared stories of the good old days.

Nathalie was discovering parts of the borough she'd never seen before. 

Their eyes were open and their borough felt like home. 

This is a reflective diary following Catherine and Nathalie's creative exchange exploring how performance can promote equality between artists with and without learning disabilities.

Nathalie Carrington