Seeking Inspiration


Our Big Exchange Project is well underway. We have been busy recording our first podcast episode and in a couple of weeks we start our intensive rehearsal period at Bush Theatre. During this time we will be collaborating with Spare Tyre to create a new and exciting performance piece for Bush Theatre’s studio devised and performed by the TNG Collective.

We have been seeking inspiration from artists and companies featuring performers with learning disabilities.

We partied the night away at Heart n Soul’s Beautiful Octopus Club.

“I loved Sam Castell-Ward’s perfromance, he’s a great singer. At times I didn’t know if he was playing or eating his harmonica!”

We immersed ourselves in the smells, sights and sounds of Spare Tyre’s Garden.

“I really felt like I was outdoors! The hills were alive with the sound of music! “

We were shocked, challenged and moved by Jellyfish the play.

“Jellyfish the show was a bit violent and had a lot of swearing. I was surprised by the swearing, but it was like real life: happy tears.”

Watching Sarah Gordy on stage in Jellyfish was inspirational. We all recognised Kelly’s story.

We feel energised and stirred by the performances we have seen.

And we can’t wait to get started on our own!

A special thank you to the playwright of Jellyfish, Ben Weatherill for your lovely mention of us on your blog.

‪“With passion and enthusiasm like you all have, you are all gonna take the world by its horns.”