The Process of Filmmaking

As part of film project we have been making a narrative led film in partnership with @threeblokesproductions. The Collective members have been involved in every aspect of the filmmaking process, scriptwriting, acting, directing, crewing as a camera operators, sound operators, gaffers. You name it, they did it!

The film explores the difficulties and tensions we face when working in a group settings and the compromises we sometimes have to make, as well as friendships and relationships. The film is in the process of being edited and we can’t wait to see it up on the big screen.


Have a sneak peak of us in action behind the scenes.

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-10.jpg

Camera rolling

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-20.jpg

Sound rolling

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-5.jpg

Giving the green light on the frame

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-86.jpg


TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-6.jpg

An actor prepares

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-13.jpg

Setting the scene

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-28.jpg

Actors taking first positions

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-38.jpg

Actors giving it a thumbs up

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-95.jpg

On location

8cd4399a-deee-46e5-86c2-6aa0ec43d7d7 (1).JPG

The story unfolding

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-112.jpg

Getting into character

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-61.jpg

Running lines

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-69.jpg

Taking direction

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-106.jpg

Playing out the scene

TNG Film 2 - day 1&2-81.jpg


05475e21-5698-4fe3-b54a-f3cc0fb8a1bc (1).jpg

The resolution

fb6192fd-9e30-4e8e-83d9-3e5de46fa4c6 (1).JPG

That’s a wrap!