Nathalie Carrington

I am a theatre-maker, drama facilitator and arts based researcher with a passion for celebrating difference and bringing about change through the arts.

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I am interested in exploring the impact inclusive collaborations can have on theatre-making processes. My arts research seeks to explore the boundaries between process and performance, challenge and evolve mainstream text-led practices and work towards redefining what is possible in theatre. My core aim is to achieve true collaboration that is authentic to all contributors in the theatre-making process.

Following my graduation from LAMDA’s BA (Hons) Professional Acting in 2011, I went on to study a Master’s Degree in Inclusive Arts Practice at the University of Brighton.  In 2015 I founded This New Ground, an inclusive initiative to elevate the artistic talents of people with learning disabilities based in West London. My work is responsive to the people and communities I collaborate with. Through integrated exchange projects I increase the ambitions and aspirations of inclusive communities taking their work into mainstream art spaces.

I want to create integrated ensemble-led theatre, featuring learning disabled actors. I believe that there is an opportunity today to create globally significant, ambitious work, rooted in inclusion. Theatre of this kind has the power to redefine what is possible, not only in theatrical practice but in our social lives beyond the arts. I believe the power to transform our society through ever more inclusive exchanges is the next true frontier in theatre. 

Recent years have given me opportunities to study and practice as an inclusive artist, forming strong foundations for my work . I now wish to immerse myself in new ways of thinking, exploring and pioneering new models of working that would not only be pivotal to my development but could be shared as an open resource for practitioners across disciplines and communities.