Week #4 - A Battle of Pancakes and a Battle of Will

Last week we built walls, today we designed a home and moved into it.

We started with a blank canvas.

We did this using wallpaper lining and duck tape to cover the the floor. We divided our canvas, our home, into four squares, two rooms upstairs and two rooms downstairs. Downstairs was our living room and kitchen. Upstairs our bedroom and bathroom.

The house was empty. We needed furniture. We needed a TV.

Nathalie: Why don’t you draw the TV in the living room?

Catherine: I’m crap at drawing.

Nathalie: Of course you’re not. Everyone’s an artist!

Catherine: You go. You draw.

(Nathalie has no confidence in her own drawing ability)

We made ourselves a cup of tea. Catherine used her pancake as a sword and a battle took place in the kitchen. We flicked through home magazines and tore out furniture ideas. We placed the torn out pictures on our canvas.

Catherine insisted we have a bath shower installed. Nathalie preferred the free standing bath.

Nathalie wanted an Ostrich Feather standing lamp in the living room.

Catherine forbid it.

Catherine: Absolutely not.

Catherine opted for the pink sofas. Nathalie preferred the velvet mustard yellow sofa. We settled for pink sofas and yellow cushions. Catherine added some nice smelling candles on the kitchen table. We felt comfortable in our home. We lit the fire, put our feet up and turned to channel 20. We sat on our pink sofa with yellow cushions and watched Eastenders, Holby City, The Bill and Casualty.

We sunbathed by our pool in the back garden and got sunburnt.

We missed our alarm and we were late to our office job.

The session has finished. Start clearing away.

Nathalie: I think we need to put our canvas in the bin.

Catherine: Can’t do that. It’s my house.


This is a reflective diary following Catherine and Nathalie's creative exchange exploring how performance can promote equality between artists with and without learning disabilities. 

Nathalie Carrington