Week #2 - We will call this Theatre Making and Tea Breaks

Week Three: We will call this Theatre Making and Tea Breaks.

This week we imagined what our stage would look like, what costumes we will wear and the story we want to tell.

We agreed we both like the colour pink and we'd like be dressed the same. Like twins but you're not me and I'm not you. Definitely right.

We danced and sang to some electronic new wave pop.

'Tall, tall, tall, I want to be tall, tall, tall
As big as a wall, wall, wall, as big as a wall, wall, wall
And if I'm not tall, tall, tall, then I will grow, grow, grow
Because I'm not tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall'

Nathalie: If I was as tall as a wall, do you think people would listen to me?

Catherine: No I don't.

Sometimes, when we decide to stop talking and get on our feet to start doing we find this difficult. It can feel like the lights are on us. We like the lights but being in the spotlight can sometimes feel uncertain. Catherine likes to watch Nathalie first and then enjoys joining in afterwards.

Remember: Have a break, Have a Kit Kat

Thank you for coming.

Catherine and Nathalie

'One of art's most important lessons is that failure is normal and survivable: it is what makes not failing so special'
- Matarasso

This is a reflective diary following Catherine and Nathalie's creative exchange exploring how performance can promote equality between artists with and without learning disabilities. 

Nathalie Carrington