Week #9 - Family Tree

Catherine proudly presents Nathalie with a folder of her certificates and achievements (of which there are many).

10 years of Service in the Guild of St Thomas's church. Glowing school reports. Equine training and cookery school certificates, the list goes on.

Nathalie is suitably impressed. 

Catherine's dad brings out a family photo album and we start to build a picture of Catherine's wonderful, large Jamaican/ Irish family. 

We draw Catherine's family tree.

We add family members and favourite TV shows to our tree. 

'Mum loves Murder She Wrote. You know, Jessica Fletcher?'

Next week we will create Nathalie's family tree.

'My mum loves Star Trek.'

'Don't be silly!'


This is a reflective diary following Catherine and Nathalie's creative exchange exploring how performance can promote equality between artists with and without learning disabilities.

Nathalie Carrington