Week #8 - Only Playing

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Last week Catherine taught Nathalie a few card games.

Today we chose a character from the pack of cards and got dressed up. 

Catherine played the Queen of Spades and Nathalie the joker. 

Clowning around is where Nathalie feels at home. 

Catherine declared herself 'THE QUEEN OF MAN' and lets her hair down. 

ENTER Joker.

Splash, bang wallop. Tea everywhere. 

'You, face the wall and stop talking. I have a stick. What's wrong with your face?  I AM SHOUTING, NOT YOU. You heard me?'

Catherine is drunk on power. 

The queen, a puppet master. Her puppet, the Joker. 


The queen gets more and more irate. 

'In Jail. I lock the door and throw away the key.'

End of Scene.

We hug. Make sure there are no hard feelings.

Nathalie is relieved that Catherine wasn't angry at her (the Queen was angry at the Joker).

'Absolutely. Only Playing.'


This is a reflective diary following Catherine and Nathalie's creative exchange exploring how performance can promote equality between artists with and without learning disabilities.









Nathalie Carrington