The Moving Play @ Bush Theatre


Who we are

We are This New Ground Collective.

We are human beings, a collection of artists and creative people.

We are a team, who come together to learn and have fun.

We have hidden talents. Did you know we sing as a choir called ‘The Magic Sparks’?

| “We are ourselves”

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How we started making ‘The Moving Play’

Holly from Bush Theatre came to meet us at Bishop Creighton House.

We are Bush Theatre’s Associate Community Company.

We interviewed three different people and chose Spare Tyre.

Spare Tyre played a game with pink wool.

| “It was alright....awesome….fun.”

“Our ambition is to make both the project and our theatre 'culturally democratic' and to begin to dispel social barriers to creative engagement.” - Holly Smith, Community Producer at Bush Theatre


The Moving Play

We have been exploring the stories we want to tell and finding different ways to tell them.

The Moving Play explores themes like hiding, moving, relationships, love, secrets and revealing our inner most thoughts and feelings.

During the show we will share with you these thoughts, feelings and stories. Alongside the short performance you will be able to watch, listen and read about how we made The Moving Play.


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