Deep Down In Our Souls

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We're at the Lyric Hammersmith to record our song in the studio.

We meet Aga in the flesh. He leads our warm up and we all reach "Deep down in our souls". 

We launch into our song. 

It's a feel good song, with funky beats, a kind of love song to our borough. 

It's lunch time and there are 3 birthdays to celebrate. 

We take a few moments to film some interviews. "If you could describe Hammersmith and Fulham in one word what would it be?"

We're back in the studio. We refine our song, add some trills and Grease like backing vocals. 

We layer (like chicken kebabs) some percussion sounds AKA Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni CHEESE. 

It's nearly the end of the day, we squeeze in some last minute filming in the TV studio. 

We all line up. 

"We are strong."

"We're here to stay."