Mash Up of The Borough

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"What's special about Hammersmith and Fulham."

"You mean, what isn't?"

Joy Festival have commissioned us to write a song and what better than to dedicated our song to our beloved borough. 

Hammersmith Bridge,

I’ve been that way. 

We should go down there together. 

It’s like a family. 

We put our heads together and begin to write down some lyric ideas. Picnics in Bishops Park, the hustle and bustle of North End Road Market, the reflections of night lights on the river Thames and three football clubs is enough to get our ideas flowing! 

We take a vote on a rhythm for our song. We decide on a mash up between the joyful beats of Samba and the flow and pulse of Hip Hop. 

We choose a number each and create our own chord sequences. We draw some doodles that our virtual friend, Aga will translate into musical motifs. Like magic.

We play a couple of rhythm games.

Don't. Clap. This one. Back. 

Our song is beginning to take shape.