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In partnership with the University of Brighton and LAMDA, Artistic Director Nathalie Carrington undertook research to explore the impact of an exchange between performers with learning disabilities and drama school graduates in order to further understand the benefits of inclusion within professional actor training.

Research questions

  • What lies at the heart of the experience of the creative process for both the performer with and without learning disabilities?
  • What conditions are necessary in order to enhance that process, thereby ensuring that the performer’s creative potential is maximised?
  • How could insights drawn from the process influence professional training practices?
  • How might actor training organisations include learning disabled performers in their practices and curriculum?

Who took part in our research?

3 drama school graduates & 3 learning disabled performers from Hammersmith and Fulham

Where & when did it take place?

LAMDA, October -December 2017
Over 8 weeks the research participants met once a week for two hour sessions facilitated by Nathalie Carrington. The impact of our research was measured through qualitative and quantitative methods before, during and after our work together. Throughout the process Nathalie kept a reflective diary of the research sessions. Please visit our blog to read about each session in more detail. 

Creative response to the research

During the research Nathalie became interested in the dynamic relationship between people and the
environments they inhabit. In particular, she observed how being in the drama school setting raised the
self-esteem of learning disabled participants, giving them a platform to see themselves as valued
collaborators in their own right. In turn, our work allowed drama school graduates to reclaim and
reimagine the familiar training space, rediscovering core acting disciplines in surprising, new contexts.
Drawing on these insights, Nathalie has begun to develop a concept of “inclusive place”, which her creative response is designed to describe and explore. The map has been designed as an interactive installation for students and teachers at LAMDA. The audience is invited to populate blank versions of the map with “landmark” stamps, engaging them with happenings from our inclusive process, and demonstrating metaphorically the reclaiming of physical space that occurs in inclusive practice. 

View Creative Response

Ongoing research

This New Ground wish to continue our research further with the aim to create an extended programme to explore the impact of inclusive practice:

  • On actors who are currently in training

  • On actors participating on a non-voluntary basis (ie. as part of their timetable)
  • That is integrated and in response to the curriculum
  • That culminates in training goals

We believe there is an opportunity for training organisations to build on our insights. If you wish to find out about our research findings and/or your organisation is interested to partner with us to provide a platform for more extensive research please get in touch at nathalie@thisnewground.com 


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