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The Big Exchange

May 2018 - 2019

“Our ambition is to make both the project and our theatre 'culturally democratic' and to begin to dispel social barriers to creative engagement.” - Holly Smith, Community Producer at Bush Theatre

The Big Exchange is a participant led project in partnership with Bush Theatre, Lyric Hammersmith and Bishop Creighton House promoting the power and talents of adults with learning disabilities. It’s an opportunity for the Collective to collaborate with more artists across different mediums, to create bold and inspiring work, gain employment opportunities, new skills and develop their artistic talents. We aim to share our work with as many people as possible, stimulate social change and create a living resource for future communities & practitioners. 

The project is comprised of four core encounters. 

1. The Moving Play
In our role as Bush Theatre's Community Associate Company for 2018, This New Ground's Collective collaborated with Spare Tyre Theatre.  In November 2018 we showcased The Moving Play, a new piece of theatre devised by the Collective. The Moving Play explored themes of hiding, moving, relationships, love, secrets and revealing our inner most thoughts and feelings. Watch this film to find out how it was made.

2. Marks on Paper
Through a series of design workshops the Collective collaborated with @lucygdesign to explore themes of identity and self perception through drawing, photography and film. Our findings enabled us to create the foundations for our Sparks on Screen film project led and co-produced by the Collective.

3. Sparks on Screen
Two short films made by and featuring members of the Collective in collaboration with Three Blokes Productions, to capture on screen the individual personalities that make up the Collective.

4. Let’s Talk About It
A podcast mini-series creating a platform for encounters and celebrating the voices and experiences of adults with learning disabilities in partnership with the Lyric Hammersmith.


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