Week #6 - Taking Our Lines For a Walk

The sun is shining. 'Lovely.'

Armed with a dictaphone and a camera, we're off. 

From here to there. 

Left or Right. 'Don't mind.

A church with a Spire.

'See! The gold cockerel on the top.'

'Don't be silly.'

Empty football pitch, empty basketball court, empty tennis courts. 'Where is everyone?'

'I used to jump off there, really high. Years ago.'

Lorries that look like tractors. 

The postman delivering Mother's day cards.

A road sweeper. 

An ambulance. 'Oh shit! Always someone taking drugs, being sick.'

The word, true, etched into the red brick wall. 'Who would do that?

A broken bed on the steps. A washing machine on the pavement. 'Tut Tut.'

We draw a map of our journey. Dot to Dot.

Laying our trail. We're happy with the way it looks. 

It's Static now. We took our lines for a walk. Followed our map.

We sang all the way home. 

This is a reflective diary following Catherine and Nathalie's creative exchange exploring how performance can promote equality between artists with and without learning disabilities. 

Nathalie Carrington