Thinking Big

"Nothing happens until something moves." - Albert Einstein


Today was our first advisory group meeting. 

We are at the very start of our year long journey of The Big Exchange Project.

Faisal chaired the meeting. He made sure we were all on the same page talking the same language. He introduced the traffic light cards.

"Green means that's cool with me, amber means slow down and red means STOP I don't understand."


"St Etienne, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Liverpool."

We asked questions and found answers.

We each bought ideas to the table. 

A is for Ambition

B is for Badges & Business Cards

C is Collaboration & Communication

D is for Design & DBS checks

E is for Engagement

F is for Future & Fun

G is for Gaining Skills

H is for our very own Hashtag & Health and Safety Policy

I is for Insurance

J is for Juggling (lots of things at the same time)

K is for Kicking Ass

L is for Local Connections & Listening

M is for Merchandise

N is for Numbers & Budgets

O is for Opportunities & Open Dialogue

P is for Participant Led

Q is for Quality

R is for Reflection, Recruiting, Risk Assements & Reviews

S is for Safeguarding

T is for Timeframe

U is for Unique 

V is for Visability

W is for Website


Yeah, lets leave it there. That's plenty to be thinking about for now!


Our Advisory Group has been selected to ensure that This New Ground’s Big Exchange project is delivered to a high standard and to contribute to the planning of future activities and the direction of our initiative. They represent key industries, areas of interest and ensure that learning disability culture is at the heart of what we do.