The Big Decision Day


Today was the big decision day. 

It was much like the X Factor, just without Simon Cowell. 

The Bush Theatre introduced us to three wonderful artists and collectively we had to make the decision to choose one artist to collaborate with for the year. 

Each artist and company led a workshop and we got familiar with their unique way of working. 

We began with some meditation and we rooted ourselves in the space.

We bought a ball of wool to life, spider webs, Mission Impossible, bikinis and Bob Marley. 

We discussed the importance of making theatre accessible for all. 

It was time for us to put our heads together.

What makes their idea stand out? What did we enjoy about their approach to collaboration? Was there anything we were not so sure about?

It was a tough choice.

We held a vote. 



We are very excited to announce that we shall be collaborating alongside Spare Tyre Company during our time at Bush Theatre!